Spend your Friday nights with the biggest ideas and the brightest people.  Now you can take in the top talks from the ideacity conference in a whole new format.

We’re thrilled to present the top talks from ideacity 2012 on CBC’s Ideas program in a four-part series. Tune in to CBC Radio One at 9:00pm EST every Friday in September for the ideas that change the world.

Tonight’s episode features talks by Jeff Rubin, former CIBC Chief Economist and author of The End of Growth: But Is It All That Bad?; Rex Weyler, ecologist, activist, writer and a co-founder of Greenpeace; Mara Hvistendahl, science journalist and author of Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.

Part 2 will air on Friday, September 14. For more information about the ideacity conference and to take advantage of a special CBC listener discount, click here.

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Past Talks by ideacity Talks now on CBC Radio’s Ideas: