Ben Gulak

At the age of 21, Ben Gulak hadtwo highly-acclaimed prototypes under his engineering belt. In 2008, as a high school senior in Milton, Ontario, Gulak developed the Uno, a one-wheeled zero-emissions motorcycle. The vehicle garnered much attention, landing the cover of Popular Science magazine and earning him a $1m investment from the CBC reality series, Dragon’s Den.

His latest creation merges elements from various vehicle designs, resulting in the DTV Shredder, an all-terrain extreme-sports type of recreational vehicle that’s ridden like a skateboard. Due to the tank-like tracks, the DTV Shredder is catching the eye of the military for its medical rescue operations potential.

Gulak is also the entrepreneur behind BPG, Inc. and BPG Motors, the organizations in development and production of Gulak’s designs. In addition to his invention and entrepreneurial pursuits, he is currently pursuing studies in engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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