Gretta Vosper has been in the spotlight since founding the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity in 2004.  Her first book, With or Without God: Why the Way We Live is More Important Than What We Believe, quickly became a national bestseller and attracted media attention and debate across the country.

With or Without God was featured in the cover article of the 2008 Maclean’s magazine Easter edition, and was listed on Amazon’s Top 25 Books that Caused a Commotion. In 2009, Gretta was named one of the Most Compelling Women in Canada by More Magazine. Since then, Gretta’s work has been featured in media across the country and internationally.

Having twice narrowly avoided heresy trials, Gretta continues to lead West Hill United – “a progressive community of faith growing out of the Christian tradition” – in Scarborough, Ontario. Her second book, Amen; What Prayer Can Mean in a World Beyond Belief, published by HarperCollins Canada, was released in April 2012.