Judith Dupré

Judith Dupré writes about art and architecture in ways that delight and educate. Hailed by the New Criterion as a “scholar with a novelist’s eye for detail and a journalist’s easy style,” her internationally best selling books includeSkyscrapersBridgesChurches, and Monuments: America’sHistory in Art and Memory.

Her forth coming book, Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art and Life (Nov. 2010), attempts to capture essential truths about the human condition and the nature of transformation. By making an empathetic, interpretative leap into the biblical past, she finds contemporary parallels to those distant events, fusing a fresh approach to life’s enduring questions.

The book arose from her work at Yale Divinity School, where she is doing advanced studies on the impact of memory, beauty,and ethics on architecture and community building. Drawing on her social commitment and knowledge of the arts, Dupré also creates innovative educational and identity programs utilizing visual arts for clients in education, design and engineering.


Judith Dupré links human faith with architecture

Though her ouvre of books deals largely with architecture, Judith Dupré is enrolled at the School...